• Counseling for Teens & Adolescents

    Counseling for Teens & Adolescents

    Ages 10-18

    Looking for a counselor for your teenager in Coppell or Plano, Texas? We are here for you.

    The teenage years are tough. These are the years when children are transitioning to adulthood. This time is characterized by push-back with parents as teens are trying to find their identity. It can be confusing and complicated, not to mention all of the pressure from peers & parents, bodily changes, and stress that teens face.

    Like we said, the teenage years are tough…just throw a divorce into the mix, the loss of a family member, a sudden trauma, the onset of a mental illness…these are things that anyone can experience on top of the normal struggles most teens face, making this season of life challenging.


    How we Help

    We are here to help. Several therapists on our team have worked with teens for years with much success. Most of our teen clients finish therapy being more confident, less stressed, and happier. Every situation and teenager is different, but with our caring counselors, we provide a comfortable, safe environment where they can open up and work through struggles. Each therapy session is tailored to fit the person. Whether your kid is dealing with bullying, anxiety, stress, depression, or angst, we put together a specific plan for your child to help them get the most from counseling.