• Counseling for Self-Harm

    Counseling for Self-Harm

    Self-harm can take many forms (e.g. cutting, burning, or eating disorders). Most often, self-injury/self-harm is a means of coping with overwhelming emotions and situations. When someone feels incapable of managing with life stressors, or feels so overwhelmed they go numb, self-harm is a way of reassuring oneself that they can feel. Though alarming, it is possible to learn healthier ways of coping with life and emotions, and self-injury does not have to be a life long challenge. Our counselors in Coppell, Plano, and the surrounding areas, are here to help.


    How we Help

    We can help identify the stresses and emotions that feel so overwhelming, and help you develop new ways of coping. Examples of alternative coping skills are breathing and relaxation techniques; and identifying and changing negative thought patterns.