• Allison Hewett, LPC, CEO

    Allie is a Dallas native. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Communication and MA in Professional Counseling from Amberton University. Her early work experiences include working for the University of Oklahoma, Marketing for Chick-fil-A, and working for Young Life.

    Allie started New Heights Counseling LLC. because she wanted there to be a way for counselors to help as many people as possible. She realized most counselors who are good at providing therapy services are not good at running businesses or marketing. So, she wanted to create a place where therapists can do what therapists do best and take away the burden of “business”.

    New Heights Counseling LLC. was founded in 2017. Since then, hundreds of people have come to NHC for their therapy needs. Allie is excited about the future of NHC and looks forward to expanding across the DFW metroplex. She realizes more locations and counselors means helping more people.

    Read an extended version of Allie’s story in VoyageDallas: http://voyagedallas.com/interview/life-work-allie-hewett/

    Interested in working at New Heights Counseling? Send us an email at hello@newheightscounseling.co.

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