• Ashley Cordell, LPC-A

    Cash Rate: $45
    Locations: Plano & Online.

    Do you feel stuck in grief? Do you feel stressed and overcome by shame and guilt, feeling like you cannot move on? Are you searching for a peace of mind and a purpose for truly living? Ashley works with adults of all ages and high school girls to rediscover their passion for living as they become more self-aware.

    Life is not easy, and sadness, stress, and shame are bound to find their ways into our lives at one point in time or another. Using narrative therapy, Ashley helps you see the power of your story as she provides a safe place for you to grieve your losses. She expresses compassion and empathy as she assists you in learning to redefine your story by viewing your problems as separate from who you are as a person. Ashley also uses person-centered therapy and existential therapy to help you gain more self-confidence and a stronger sense of identity as she encourages and supports you on your journey of discovering your own life’s meaning.

    Having been struck down by sorrow, Ashley understands the seemingly long process of picking up the pieces of a shattered life. Losses can come in all different forms, giving grief a space when we least expect it. Losses of loved ones, pets, health, finances, comfort, etc., Ashley encourages you to feel what you need to feel in a safe and secure environment.

    Having also been a teen once, Ashley understands how stressful high school can be, and that sometimes you need a trustworthy person to speak to other than a parent. Whether your teen is grieving, overcome by stressor insecurities, or feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem, Ashley is here to help navigate through the negative in a confusing and hard society.

    Ashley graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelors in Human Services and is preparing to graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in counseling in spring 2023. She enjoys running long distances, listening to many of styles of music, and most of all spending time with her dog and family. Ashley has led Bible studies and small groups at her college, has assisted her former high school cross country team in various capacities, and has been on numerous mission trips, spending lots of time serving adults of all ages, providing her with experience in encouraging and listening well with these age groups.