• Bethany Kimbell, LPC-Associate Supervised by Alyssa Highland, LPC-S

    Rate: $75 for individuals, $90 for couples and families
    Locations: Austin & Online

    Do you often feel empty, worthless, or overwhelmed? Do you feel bogged down by your thoughts or emotions? Do you find yourself repeating patterns that you thought you already dealt with? Are some of your most painful experiences with the people you thought you could trust most? Do you find yourself trying so hard to move forward on your own yet are still left feeling inadequate and unsatisfied? Bethany can help you seek healing in painful parts of your story in order to experience the joy and freedom you were made for.

    Whether it’s anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, or relational issues, Bethany can support you as you explore and seek healing in the most difficult parts of your personal journey. She has helped clients understand how their past experiences affect their view of themselves and others through identifying negative self-talk, increasing self-worth, and promoting healthier ways of responding to life stressors. This contributes to healing at an identity level by decreasing guilt and increasing compassion for one’s self.

    Using a counseling theory called Schema Therapy, Bethany helps you work through painful feelings & thoughts, instead of explaining them away, so that you can ultimately experience healing in your hurting places.

    Schema Therapy helps you to understand how your past experiences affect your view of yourself and impact your responses to your internal and external world. Schema Therapy helps clients become aware of when they are triggered and develop healthier trigger responses. Bethany hopes that by utilizing this therapeutic approach she can guide you toward learning how to create new, healthy coping patterns, and attachments while experiencing relational and personal transformation.

    Bethany, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate supervised by Alyssa Highland LPC-S, received a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health from Texas State University. She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a professional member of Christian Counselors of Texas.

    Bethany has lived overseas and has seven years of experience in the US & international ministry. She has coached college students, ministry staff, and overseas missionaries facing interpersonal conflict, boundary issues, spiritual issues, and culture shock. This multifaceted experience, coupled with her qualifications as a counselor, has uniquely equipped her to help clients address pain and trauma encountered within a spiritual setting while honoring their personal beliefs.

    Bethany has vast experience working with grief and loss through Hospice. She is equipped to help clients process the emotions associated with end-of-life decisions they have been involved in. Additionally, Bethany recognizes the pain, overwhelming sadness, and other feelings that may result as you seek to continue your life after the loss of a loved one and she can provide counseling support to you in this journey.

    Bethany’s background as a former competitive gymnast gives her a deep understanding of the world of sports. With this experience, she can help clients understand and process the long-term impacts they may be facing due to involvement in the highly competitive world of athletics. Current and former athletes, with Bethany’s help, can work through the loss of identity-related issues such as inadequacy, physical injuries, body image, and leaving a sport.

    Bethany and her puppy, Milo, are currently training to become certified in Animal Assisted Counseling. Milo is looking forward to when he can assist Bethany in the therapy room as a part of the counseling team.

    Bethany would love to join you on your journey towards healing! Call today to get started.