Caroline Beneke, Masters Level Associate

Rate: $50
Locations: Plano & Online

Are you or a loved one experiencing debilitating symptoms associated with anxiety or depression that just don’t seem to go away? Is your child’s functioning at home or school being disrupted by problems stemming from divorce, addiction, trauma, grief or loss? Does your child struggle with constant worry or anxiety? Sadness or irritability? Persistent disobedience or a decline in normal activities? If so, meet Caroline.

Caroline fully believes that early identification and treatment can help individuals learn how to take back control of their life and environment in order to reach their full potential. By utilizing play therapy and other therapeutic techniques, Caroline works primarily with children, adolescents and young adults struggling with maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. She employs genuineness, acceptance and empathy with her clients within a safe, non-judgmental space and helps them to recognize and communicate their feelings and behaviors, address unresolved trauma, and explore repressed thoughts and emotions. In doing so, her clients are empowered to find hope, initiate change and begin the healing process.

As a Texas native, Caroline grew up in both the Dallas and Austin areas. She graduated from Baylor University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and majored in Child and Family Studies. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Professional Counseling at Amberton University and is hopeful of becoming a Registered Play Therapist upon graduation. Further, since graduating from Baylor, Caroline has volunteered her time with a local non-profit that advocates for the best interests of neglected and abused children.

Caroline’s personal experiences have instilled within her a genuine passion for serving others and the community. She is looking forward to helping you or your child smile again. Call to schedule an appointment with her today.

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