• Meg Cheneweth, Masters Level Associate

    Cash Rate: $45
    Locations: Coppell/Irving & Online

    Sex is fun and exciting, right? Suppose you’re struggling in your relationship, a survivor of abuse or trauma, or questioning your sexual identity. In that case, you might not answer that question with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

    For many, our sex lives have become a source of stress, fear, and sometimes hopelessness. Maybe it feels like you and your partner have different sex drives, and you can’t seem to get on the same page. Perhaps you’re a survivor of sexual abuse or assault, and the thought of being intimate with someone is at the bottom of your interest list. Things like new relationships, the birth of a child, and menopause can all radically affect our interest in intimacy. Sometimes we could use some help figuring out the new season we’re entering. Regardless of what issues you may be facing, Meg believes your sex life can become a place of passion and connection.

    Meg works closely with individuals who struggle with anxiety and depression but specializes in sex therapy. She works with couples and individuals to help bring authentic joy into their intimate lives. Her goal is to be a safe place for her clients to work through areas of struggle such as sexual dysfunction, reigniting intimacy, sexual addiction, healing from trauma, sexual identity and orientation concerns, and issues revolving around anxiety and depression and learning to cope with everyday stressors.

    Meg graduated from Southern Methodist University with her bachelor’s in Political Science and then headed to Dallas Theological Seminary, where she’s currently getting her Masters in Counseling as well as her Masters in Christian Studies. Meg enjoys going to boxing classes, spending quality time with her friends and family, and values every moment life has to offer. She finds joy in the little things, such as candles, books, painting, and a quiet afternoon. Meg provides a listening ear to everyone she encounters and has a caring and compassionate heart for others.

    Let’s put your fears about sex to bed.