• Megan Beckman, LPC-Associate supervised by Stephanie Thomas, LPC-S

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    Cash Rate: $85
    Insurance: Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, UMR, and Optum
    Locations: Austin & Online

    Does your life feel out of control? Are you stretched too thin? Do you feel you’ve lost your voice? Does each day seem to feel more difficult than the last? Sometimes we feel broken beyond repair. Megan works with adolescents, young adults, and adults to begin piecing their lives back together.

    In a society that makes us feel powerless and overlooked, Megan helps clients reclaim their voice, create healthy boundaries, and establish control and meaning over their lives. She offers a compassionate, friendly, and non-judgmental space for clients to bring forth their problems while helping them develop skills that promote healing, change, and resilience. She believes that in exploring our experiences, we can begin to mend and mold what feels out of control or hopeless.

    Megan has a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University and masters in counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before becoming a counselor, she taught as a middle school ELA teacher and volunteered her time with WyldLife and Young Life. She spent two years in management with a behavioral pediatrics clinic and is passionate about offering care and support to families and children with unique behavioral concerns and struggles.

    Megan has experience working with adolescents and young adults from all walks of life as they develop and experience hardships and life transitions. In journeying through our deepest hurts, we can often find our deepest healing. If you are ready for change, schedule an appointment with Megan today.









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