• Rebekah Smith, LPC-Associate supervised by Rolla Bradley, LPC-S

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    Cash Rate: $85
    Insurance: Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, UMR, and Optum
    Locations: Plano & Online.

    Known. Cared for. Seen.
    How many of us can truly say we feel these things? In a world of chaos, we can often feel lost, overlooked, overwhelmed. It’s draining, it’s depressing, it’s anxiety producing… but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

    Bekah is a counselor dedicated to making her clients feel seen and known. Bekah is passionate about helping others find joy and peace in a world so often void of it. She knows what it is like to feel overlooked, and knows the fear it may never change.

    But it can change. So often our worldviews have been constructed on lies we tell ourselves. These cognitive distortions can be so deep rooted that it sometimes takes a third party, a counselor, to help us restructure and restore the foundation. This is who Bekah hopes to be for you. Through cognitive behavioral techniques and Biblically based truths, Bekah is confident in her ability to compassionately walk alongside you in your journey to mental wellness. Whether it be a sudden onset of depression, recovery from trauma, or a lifelong struggle with anxiety, Bekah is able to provide space, empathy, and hope for you.

    Bekah enjoys working with kids, teens, and adults. Bekah has a heart for those in the special needs community and their families, and would love to walk alongside them as they navigate life’s challenges and joys.

    Bekah and her wonderful husband of 3 years are both proud Houston natives, but have grown to love DFW and the community they have found here. Bekah is an active member in her church, where she has the joy of leading the special needs ministry. In her off hours, you can find her at home with an iced coffee in hand, bread baking in the oven, and a good book (or sometimes disney+).

    Specialties include: children, adolescents, adults, anxiety, depression, developmental disabilities, and family members of those with developmental disabilities.

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