• Savanah Stewart, Masters Level Associate

    Cash Rate: $45
    Locations: Dallas & Online

    Are you struggling to feel hope? Do you find it hard to fit in with your peers? Are you constantly fighting off anxious thoughts? Savanah works with teenagers and young adults who wrestle with anxiety, depression, questions of identity/belonging, insecurity, and self-esteem issues and other mental health issues. We all face uncertainty and frustration throughout life, and Savanah hopes to help equip her clients for those moments. By uncovering what a clients’ beliefs and values are, Savanah hopes to help clients understand how their behavior is reflected in light of those in everyday life.

    Savanah seeks to help each client feel known and understood. By providing a safe place where vulnerability is championed and encouraged, change can flourish. To that end, Savanah also loves helping people work through relational struggles or family dynamics. By fostering good conflict resolution skills with clients, change can occur with lasting effects.

    Savanah works with clients using an existential approach which focuses on answering big life questions to help ease anxiety. Once a client understands what their values and beliefs are, they can then to understand how their thought patterns and behaviors may or may not be helping them.

    Savanah has a bachelor’s degree in both International Studies and Japanese from Hope College and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. Savanah has worked with teenagers extensively, even spending a year teaching high school abroad before COVID. It was during this time that Savanah realized her passion was for discipling and helping people through difficult times in their lives. Don’t wait, change is possible. Book an appointment today!