• Shelley Braymen, Masters Level Associate

    Rate: $50 for individuals, $75 for couples and families.
    Locations: Weatherford & Online.

    Do you feel exhausted, over-worked, under-appreciated and resentful? Have you taken care of others to the point of not even knowing what you want or need? Are you struggling in relationships? Dealing with low self-esteem, having difficulty setting boundaries, or experiencing an inability to find your voice? Are you so busy pleasing people that you feel lost and empty? Do you feel responsible for others’ feelings? These are all symptoms of codependence, and without treatment, the intense emotional states resulting from these symptoms can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction and more.

    Shelley works with individuals and couples to discover ways that personal choices, thoughts and behaviors, along with events from the past, are sabotaging relationships and causing anxiety, stress, fatigue and hopelessness. She utilizes individualized therapeutic goals to help clients establish new patterns of thinking and behaving that emphasize self-care, mindfulness, internal and external boundaries, communicating from a place of neutrality, communicating succinctly, finding balance, and utilizing spirituality.

    Shelley uses a psychoeducational approach to assist the client with understanding their past and acknowledging the impact it has on their present relationships. You can expect to feel enlightened, empowered, hopeful and understood. You will have a new set of tools for handling difficult personalities and situations. You will be able to recognize dysfunctional patterns and make changes that affect your quality of life and the lives of those around you. You will feel relaxed, confident and self-assured. You will feel in control, accepting and happy. You will learn to respect, love and nurture yourself, and to let go of unrealistic expectations and perfectionism. You will be free.

    Shelley has mentored multiple women who struggle with codependence and love addiction. She has helped them find meaningful, intimate, fulfilling relationships with romantic partners, friends, family members, children, co-workers and most of all….themselves.

    Shelley is married and lives with her husband Brad in Fort Worth. They have a blended family with 6 children and have become the “go to” parents for people seeking advice about teenagers and young adults. She is passionate about helping people have healthy relationships and believes that most people have the capacity to do so once they have the awareness and the tools to succeed.

    Let it begin with you…. Let it begin now… Your amazing journey of recovery awaits. Free yourself and call today to schedule an appointment.

    Specialties: codependence, toxic relationships, addiction, parenting, couples, teens, young adults.