• Suzanna Lintner, Masters Level Associate

    Rate: $50 for individuals, $75 for couples and families.
    Locations: Dallas & Online

    Are you tired of being stuck in destructive thought or relational patterns? Do you feel like you are defined by shame and guilt resulting from the things that have happened to you? Are you feeling like you keep making the same negative decisions again and again? Suzanna works with adolescents and adults who have dealt or are dealing with anxious thoughts, negative attachment styles and relational patterns, and the weight of shame, in an effort to find lasting hope and healing. Suzanna believes in a collaborative therapeutic relationship because no one was meant to do life alone.

    Suzanna believes that, given the proper environment, human beings will almost always lean toward healing. “Our world is full of people who are hurt, and who hurt others. Because of the pain that is caused, humans tend to build walls and form habits that are meant to protect us in some way, but often, in time, lead us toward more painful roadblocks and habits. When we foster an atmosphere that is safe and secure for individuals, we are able to see what healing and wholeness could really be like.”

    Suzanna is a North Dallas native. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BA in University Studies, studying both Early Education, and Human Development and Family Sciences. She is currently working toward her MA in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. Some of her early work experiences have been with Young Life, with both high schoolers and college students. Suzanna has seen common patterns through diverse individuals who are all, in the end, seeking very similar things: wholeness and freedom.

    Making the decision to come to therapy can often be the most challenging part of the process. There is risk involved, but where risk exists so does the opportunity for freedom, growth, and healing. Suzanna works with people from different backgrounds and ways of life as they make the courageous decision to ask for help. She believes it to be a true honor to walk alongside those whom she counsels as they navigate their deep pain, daunting life transitions, hopes and desires. If you are interested in growing and heightening your relational experiences, schedule a session with Suzanna by contacting New Heights for an appointment today.

    Specialties: anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, relationship patterns.