• Tyler Kibbe, Masters Level Associate

    Rate: $50 for individuals, $75 for couples and families.
    Locations: Plano & Online

    Have you not been like yourself lately? Have the worries and stress of your career, academics, or family kept you from being who you want to be? Tyler partners with teens, parents, and young adults to help them find relief from the burdens of anxiety, depression, ADHD, lack of motivation and other mental disorders. He uses experiential techniques to equip his clients with the tools they need for gaining better control of their lives. By identifying negative patterns that can lead to guilt and shame, Tyler helps his clients develop a greater belief in themselves while adding to their emotional first aid kit.

    Tyler understands how hard relationships can be, and he believes that taking control of unhealthy thoughts is a vital part in rebuilding broken or unhealthy community. “Discovering who we are and where we belong is the core foundation of a happy and healthy life. Our world can be full of hurtful people and many of our emotional scars are caused by actions outside of our control. I love helping people retrain their minds to better respond to major and minor bumps along the way! This allows my clients to develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships with family and friends.”

    Whether you’re a parent at your wits end or simply struggling to find happiness and fulfilment in your life, reaching out for help can be a scary step. Throughout your counseling journey, you’ll gain personalized tools and treatment plans to help visualize the pathway toward a healthier life. Sometimes, counseling alone isn’t enough. If your symptoms persist over several sessions, Tyler may recommend a psychiatric referral for medication. He enjoys using his connections and resources to get you the quality help that you deserve!

    Tyler is currently seeing clients in our Plano location. He is a husband, student, and coffee connoisseur. Tyler is champion for people and has a heart for those who need a reminder of how awesome they truly are. He believes that authentic relationship, compassionate understanding, and tension-breaking humor are the most profound pieces to his therapeutic process.

    Tyler graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA in Psychology, and he is currently in the final stages of a MA in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. His previous experiences include working with Pine Cove, the Boys and Girls Club, and even Dr. Pepper!

    Tyler has been a kid’s and family minister at a local church, which has made him a favorite for parents of kids and teens. He understands the complexities of adolescence and why it’s so hard to parent them. Tyler provides a safe place for individuals struggling with identity development, pornography addiction, lack of motivation, and body issues. By partnering with parents, Tyler helps his clients find clarity, peace, and relief from the burden of guilt and shame.

    Whether you’ve been dealing with this anxiety and depression for years or a life event has you stuck in a rut, Tyler wants to help! Take a step toward positive change by setting up an appointment today.

    Specialties: Kids, teens, young adults, anxiety, depression, family issues, and ADHD.